Elements of Frictions

1. When You Grow Up

Performed by: Vestry/Marcello

Written by: Vestry/Marcello

2. Little One

Performed by: Area 51

Written by: Area 51

3. Love Don't Live Here Anymore

Performed by: Emma Varg

Written by: Matti Alfonzetti

4. Don't Leave Me Lonely

Performed by: Matti Alfonzetti

Written by: Matti Alfonzetti

5. Make You Mine

Performed by: Larry Baud

Written by: Matti Alfonzetti

6. Don't Walk Away

Performed by: Oliver Fehr

Written by: Written by Matti Alfonzetti

7. Without Your Love

Performed by: Snakes In Paradise

Written by: Snakes In Paradise

8. Only My Heart

Performed by: Mats Leven

Written by: Matti Alfonzetti

9. To The Limit

Performed by: Pete Loran

Written by: Pete Loran

10. Another Me

Performed by: Paul Laine

Written by: Paul Laine

11. Somebody Up There

Performed by: Tommy La Verdi

Written by: Tommy La Verdi

12. All About You

Performed by: Stephan Kammerer

Written by: Stephan Kammerer

13. Let Me Down Easy

Performed by: Rich Cox

Written by: Rich Cox

14. Pieces Of The Action

Performed by: Mark Evans

Written by: Mark Evans

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About Elements Of Frictions

With Elements Of Frictions, the newly founded melodic hard rock label Lions Pride Music, is bringing back some of the voices from the past of the genre in the likes of Larry Baud of Red Dawn/Networks, Mark Evans of Heavens Edge, Stefan Berggren of Snakes In Paradise, Stephan Kammerer of Frontline, Tommy La Verdi of 21 Guns/LRS, Paul Laine ex. Danger Danger and many more.

Elements Of Frictions is the brainchild of label owner and founder Carsten Nielsen; I’ve been a fan of this genre ever since the young age of 12. I grew up on Hardline, Bad English, Danger Danger, Harem Scarem, Unruly Child, House Of Lords and the list goes on. Thru the years the idea of starting my own label dedicated to this gerne, were always in the back of my head and when the first opportunity presented itself to realize this dream and the release of Elements Of Frictions, then there were no second guessing or doubt, it was all in.

I like this album for its diversity musically, hence the name Elements Of Frictions, it’s not all AOR or melodic rock nor is it hard rock, there is something on it for everyones liking. And that’s what I think stands out on this album and that of course that it has some of the voices back from the heydays back in recording for the first time in years.


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